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Mineral Water from Hot Springs


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Using mineral water in skin care products combined with aloe is an excellent way to absorb the benefits of trace minerals carried up by the water from deep below the Earth’s surface, bubbling up from an artesian well into The Good Stuff Botanical's organic skin care products.

Below is specific information on the well we obtain the water from….


​The lithium-rich, healing waters of Hot Springs, Montana have drawn people from all corners of the world to
enjoy a leisurely and peaceful vacation in Montana's western mountains. Many revisit on a regular basis, 
enjoying the benefits and relief that the natural hot mineral waters bring in the treatment of arthritis, skin 
diseases, rheumatism, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure and many other kinds of ailments. These 
benefits also show through our skin care products.

The hot springs that we gather mineral water from have the added benefit of being artesian. The water from 
non-artesian springs rise to the surface naturally, picking up various ground-level contaminants. The water 
from artesian springs is trapped in underground chambers by impenetrable rock barriers, keeping it free
from man-made elements. Access to these waters must involve drilling, and the benefit comes from the 
purity of the contained water.

Our local thermal mineral springs have the added benefit of being artesian. The water from non-artesian 
springs rises to the surface naturally, picking up various ground-level contaminants. The water from 
​artesian springs is trapped in underground chambers by impenetrable rock barriers, keeping it free from 
man-made elements. Access to these waters must involve drilling, and the benefit comes from the purity 
of the contained water.

The second benefit from these mineral waters is derived from the trace mineral/element content of the 
water, which may differ by varying degrees from spring to spring. In Hot Springs, Montana, the different 
springs draw from the same source, or aquifer, insuring a baseline of similar characteristics. However, the 
water from this aquifer travels to the earth’s surface via springs in different locations, each of which retains 
a measure of uniqueness due to the trace minerals and elements through which the water must pass along
its journey to the surface.

To be classified as mineral water, the water must contain dissolved solids at a minimum of 500 parts per
million (ppm). The thermal mineral springs in Hot Springs, Montana contain a wealth of trace minerals and elements that are proven to alleviate symptoms of many ailments and contribute to the healing of others. A list of ingredients in the waters that we use in our products includes bicarbonates, salts, sulfur, nitrates, calcium, arsenic, silica, lithium, magnesium, potassium, and silica, among others (Nutrition Facts). The most beneficial ingredients in the particular well we use are listed below, along with a description of each.

Ingredient’s Benefits:
• Carbonates - in small amounts, stimulates breathing; helps with vascular issues; calms the nervous system; slows the heart rate; and helps the body produce new blood vessels.

• Bicarbonates - aids in improving circulation.

• Sulfer - Relieves numerous ailments including conditions of the liver, digestive and urinary systems, metallic poisoning, chronic skin diseases, and rheumatism.

• Radon - a radioactive inert gas with a very short life. While use in traditional medicine is closely monitored (if used at all), bathing in water containing small amounts of
radon treats rheumatic diseases, gout, neuralgia, dermatosis, and diabetes.

• Iron - helps with iron-deficiency enemia, excessive mental fatigue, and stress.

• Magnesium - helps regulate body functions, production of proteins and energy, and nerve and muscle function. 

• Lithium - a silvery-white alkali metal, lithium is used to treat manic depression. It also stabilizes mood swings, corrects sleep disorders, and relaxes the mind and the emotions. Also, known to help alleviate migraine headaches. According to a 2009 Japanese study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, communities whose water contained larger amounts of lithium had significantly lower suicide rates.

• Arsenic - While not recommended for ingestion, small amounts in a soak are effective in healing athlete’s foot and other fungal infections.

• Silica - the body contains .05% silica in the bones, skin, and all organs. It is important in promoting bone formation and growth of hair and nails. A 2009 study shows that increases of silica in the drinking water reduces incidence of dementia by 11%. From Bath, England to Saratoga Springs, New York to Colorado Springs, Colorado to Hot Springs, Montana, untold numbers have flocked to mineral springs for their health benefits. By drinking the waters and/or taking the many types of baths (hot, cold, mud), mineral and hot springs enthusiasts see increased health in the joints, skin, and other parts of the body, including brain function and the reduction of stress. Various cure regimens have developed; the “21-day cure”, for example, includes a series of baths, immersions, drinking, and inhalation that lasts 3 weeks. It has been proven by German studies that mineral water spa treatments such as this result in a decrease in absenteeism and loss of work due to illness by 35 percent in the two years following treatment.



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